Monthly Archives: February 2009

Congress: Putting your money where its mouth is.

Am I the only one being numbed by all this “government” money being funneled into all these “stimulus” and bailout bills? Perhaps it’s just a personal, psychological shift, but when I hear about all these massive amounts of money being taken out of the private sector and spent irresponsibly on all these pork and public programs which don’t help anyone in the long run, they simply cease to hold any meaning for me. “Well, the U.S. government spent 700 billion dollars today, another 800 billion tomorrow.” Really? So what? With a national fear of deflation, the fed will either overreact (not that it has much elbow room to work anymore), and make the currency worthless, or the flow of money will remain relatively tight and the economy will continue to shrink. Either way, misguided, bastardized Keynesian fiscal policy does nothing to help the situation.